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Credit of Bonus Shares of Pakistan Oxygen Limited

Karachi, Pakistan Oxygen Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Company, after having credited 20% bonus shares into respective accounts of the shareholders in the Central Depository System of CDC and dispatched physical share certificates for bonus shares to the registered address of the entitled shareholders on May 18, 2021, has also consolidated and disposed of the fractional shares through a TREC Holder of the Exchange.

In Pakistan, we have led and contributed to the development of the industrial gases industry for more than 70 years, providing global solutions with a local outlook, each customized to the specific needs of our customers.

We Supply Products to more than 4000 customer from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from chemicals and petrochemicals to steel, food and healthcare.

Our team of trained and professional staff manages 24-hour operations at ten major industrial locations across the country to support our customer wherever they may be located.

Our legacies are pioneering and sustaining technologies for the local industries. Our heritage is our partnership with our customers and enabling them to become leaders in their fields.