Extraordinary General Meeting of Bunnys Limited

Karachi, Bunnys Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange about election of directors for next three years in the extraordinary general meeting held on June 21, 2021 at Karachi, to transact, to elect the seven members of directors for the next three years.

Bunny’s is the maker of the finest bakery products in Pakistan. The factory is situated in Lahore, however Bunny’s is the major supplier of high quality products to various cities all over Pakistan as well as internationally. Quality and taste are our forte for which we use only the highest graded raw materials to produce wholesome baked goods, rusk, cake, cupcakes, fruit buns, savoury snacks and a variety of frozen goods. The name of Bunny’s has become synonymous with baked goods that are superior in taste, aroma, quality, appearance and texture. Bunny’s has established itself as a premier manufacturer in Pakistan’s food industry backed by service-minded developers and an efficient management.

Bunny’s is a renowned name in the market of bread products which was established in Lahore 1984 by brothers Mr. Younus Shafique Ch. and Mr.Haroon Shafique Ch. They ventured into the world of bakery goods with the promise of quality,service,value and innovation. The vision which started of in a two canal land space is now a successful twenty-two canal reality. The legacy is further carried on by Mr Omar Shafique Ch.

We are not just a bakery brand we are an experience. All our products are freshly baked and delivered to our retailers so that you can enjoy it at its absolutely delicious best.