Material Information of Sunrays Textile Mills Limited

Karachi, Sunrays Textile Mills Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange The Board of Directors of the Company at their meeting held on June 28, 2021 has decided to invest surplus funds available with the company by acquisition of 173,500 Ordinary shares @ Rs. 1,100/- per share aggregating to Rs 190,850,000 {Rs. One Hundred Ninety Million Eight Hundred Fifty Thousands Only) an associated company EMBEE Industries (Private) Limited making it 100% owned subsidiary of the Company.

Sunrays Textile Mills Limited is a company incorporated in Pakistan on August 27, 1987. It is a public limited company the foundations of which are laid under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The principal business activity of the company is a manufacture, trading and sale of yarn. The company also operates a ginning unit and an ice factory on leasing arrangements. The mill is located at District Muzaffarhgarh, Dera Gazi Khan Division, in the province of Punjab. The shares of the company are quoted on Karachi Stock Exchange of Pakistan. The registered office of the company is located at Karachi.

The symbol “SUTM” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of Sunrays Textile Mills Limited.