Transaction of 6,200 shares of Attock Petroleum Limited


Karachi, Attock Petroleum Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange about transaction of shares of the company. 6,200 shares @ Rs. 298.05 per share were bought from the market on September 22, 2021 through CDC.

Attock Petroleum Limited is a Public Limited Company, was incorporated On December 03, 1995, jointly sponsored by the Pharaon Investment Group Limited Holding s.a.l. (PIGL). They were granted a marketing license and commenced operations in February 1998. The principal activity of the Company is procurement, storage and marketing of petroleum and related products.

APL is fully vertically integrated group covering all aspects of the Oil and Gas sector of Pakistan; from exploration, production and refining to marketing of a wide range of petroleum products. The Company has also penetrated in the oil export business.

The total number of shares the company has issued are 99,532,800. Earning Per Share has decreased in 2020 and is 10.13 compared to 39.79 in 2019. The Profit After Taxation has also decreased in 2020 which is 1,008,294,000 and it was 3,960,606,000 in 2019.