Transmission of Annual Report for the Year Ended June 30, 2021 of Gadoon Textile Mill Limited


Karachi, Gadoon Textile Mill Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that Annual Report of the Company for the year ended June 30, 2021 have been transmitted through PUCARS and is also available on Company’s website.

Gadoon Textile Mill Limited was incorporated in 1988 as a public limited Company in a group of Yunus Brothers Group (YBG). The principal activity of the Company is manufacturing and sale of yarn and knitted fabrics. Y.B. Holdings (Private) Limited is the Ultimate Holding Company of the Group.

Gadoon Textile Mills Limited has a portfolio of yarn counts, including those of 100% cotton (combed and carded), as well of Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Lycra, Trilobal, Melange and Cotton.

The Company is listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and the total number of shares of the Company are 28,029,583. Earnings per shares of the Company is 1.62 in 2020 which was 41.61 in 2019. Their Profit after Taxation is 45,499,000 in 2020 which was 1,166,293,000 in 2019.