Unusual Movement in Price and Volume of Dewan Farooque Motors Limited

Karachi, Dewan Farooque Motors Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Company does not control its share price or activities in terms of trading volume in the Stock Exchanges, they are completely unaware in relation to increase in price and trading volume.

Deewan Farooque Motors Limited is a Public Limited Company, was incorporated in Pakistan on December 28, 1998. The Company’s principal activities are to assemble, progressive manufacturing and sales of Vehicles in Pakistan. The shares of the Company are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited Deewan Farooque Motors Limited suspended its operations since November 2010.

The shares of the Company are 138,735,242. The Earnings per shares of the company are (2.19) in 2020 which was (1.83) in 2019. The Company had a loss of 292,522,000 in 2020 which was 244,304,000 in 2019.