Unusual Movement in Price or Volume of Husein Industries Limited

Karachi, Husein Industries Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Company has decided nor is in the process of considering to undertake any project or there is any other development that may impact share price of the Company.

The Company was incorporated in Pakistan on May 25, 1953 as a Public Limited Company in the name of Husein Textile Mills Limited, which was subsequently changed to Husein Industries Limited in 1964. The Company has ceased its textile business since the financial year 2014 and the management has developed business diversification strategy to enter into real estate development, construction and allied businesses for which necessary approval from the regulator for change in ‘object clause’ is obtained during current financial year.

The total numbers of shares of the Company are 10,625,852. The Earnings per shares is 0.23 in 2020 which was 0.51 in 2019. Their Profit after Taxation is 2,463,000 in 2020 which was 5,467,000 in 2019.