ABL Asset Management Swiftly Deposits Interim Cash Dividend into Shareholders’ Bank Accounts

Business & Finance

Karachi, ABL Asset Management Company Limited is pleased to announce the swift electronic deposit of an interim cash dividend into the bank accounts of its valued shareholders. The interim dividend, totaling Rs. 0.0056 per share, equivalent to 0.0560% for the fiscal year ending on September 14, 2023, was electronically credited to shareholders' designated bank accounts on September 15, 2023.

This expedited dividend distribution underscores ABL Asset Management's unwavering commitment to providing shareholder returns efficiently and facilitating easy access to their investments.

Shareholders of ABL Asset Management Company Limited can now readily access their dividend payments, reinforcing the company's dedication to enhancing shareholder value and ensuring a transparent and convenient dividend disbursement process.

Please be advised that this information is based on data provided by ABL Asset Management Company Limited and relates to the dividend distribution for the specified fiscal year. Shareholders and interested parties are encouraged to refer to official communications and statements from the company for precise details regarding the dividend and related matters.