AGA KHAN FUND FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Bolsters Stake in Habib Bank Limited with Significant Share Purchases

Karachi, In a notable display of confidence in Habib Bank Limited, the AGA KHAN FUND FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, a substantial shareholder, has executed substantial acquisitions of shares in the bank. These transactions, conducted on September 14, 2023, signify the fund's continued commitment to its investment in the financial institution.

The details of these transactions are as follows:

1. 1000 shares were acquired at a rate of 95.90 per share, held in CDC (Central Depository Company) form.

2. An additional purchase of 1900 shares at a rate of 95.99 per share, also in CDC form.

3. A significant acquisition of 498,099 shares at a rate of 96.00 per share, in CDC form.

These acquisitions highlight AGA KHAN FUND FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT's strategic interest in Habib Bank Limited, one of Pakistan's leading and most prominent financial institutions. The fund's decision to bolster its stake underscores its long-term confidence in the bank's growth potential and its significant role within the financial sector.

The purchases made by AGA KHAN FUND FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT are expected to have an impact on Habib Bank Limited's stock performance and may influence the bank's strategic direction and future initiatives. The fund's actions are being closely monitored by market analysts and industry experts, as they provide valuable insights into the bank's ongoing growth trajectory.

As Habib Bank Limited continues to navigate the complexities of the financial sector, the support and commitment of substantial shareholders like AGA KHAN FUND FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT serve as an endorsement of the bank's potential and a testament to its enduring significance in the industry.