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AGA Khan Fund for Economic Development buys shares of Habib Bank Limited

Karachi, AGA Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), a substantial shareholder of Habib Bank Limited, bought a total of 86,917 shares of the bank. The transaction details reveal that the shares were bought on May 5th, 2023 at different rates, ranging from Rs. 76.91 to Rs. 77.08 per share. The shares were bought in the Central Depository Company (CDC) in ready form of share certificates.

AKFED bought 249 shares at Rs. 76.91, 13,348 shares at Rs. 76.94, 6,000 shares at Rs. 76.95, 331 shares at Rs. 76.96, 3,567 shares at Rs. 76.97, 34,804 shares at Rs. 76.98, 12,823 shares at Rs. 76.99, 65,125 shares at Rs. 77.00, 2,000 shares at Rs. 77.02, and 797 shares at Rs. 77.08.

The details of the transactions were disclosed by Habib Bank Limited under the Disclosure of Interest by a Director CEO, or Executive of a listed company and their Spouses and the Substantial Shareholders regulations.