AKD Securities Limited Board to Convene Meeting for Annual Accounts Review

Karachi, AKD Securities Limited has officially announced that its Board of Directors will convene a crucial meeting on October 5, 2023. This gathering, which will take place at the company's Registered Office in Karachi and potentially through a video/audio link facility, will center around a comprehensive examination of the Annual Accounts for the fiscal period culminating on June 30, 2023.

In adherence to the regulatory framework outlined by the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), AKD Securities Limited has implemented a "Closed Period" that commenced on September 28, 2023, and will persist until October 5, 2023. This Closed Period is in accordance with Clause 5.6.4 of the PSX Regulations.

During the Closed Period, it is imperative to note that no actions involving the acquisition, sale, or transfer of shares in AKD Securities Limited are permissible, whether conducted directly or indirectly. This prohibition extends to the company's Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and all other Executives associated with the organization. These measures are put in place to maintain equitable treatment for all shareholders and to safeguard the integrity of the market.

The forthcoming Board meeting holds significant importance for AKD Securities Limited and its stakeholders, as it will offer comprehensive insights into the financial performance of the company for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023. Furthermore, during the meeting, deliberations will be held regarding any potential entitlements or dividends for shareholders.

Stakeholders, investors, and interested parties are strongly encouraged to stay updated on the outcomes of this pivotal meeting, as the results will directly impact AKD Securities Limited's financial trajectory and the interests of its shareholders. The company underscores its unwavering commitment to transparency and steadfast adherence to regulatory standards across all facets of its operations.