Al-Noor Sugar Mills Holds Board Meeting to Discuss Non-Financial Matters; Imposes Closed Period for Trading Activities

Karachi, In an effort to address crucial non-financial matters, Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited has announced that its Board of Directors will convene a meeting on 2023.05.31l at 12:00 in Karachi. The meeting's agenda will focus on important aspects other than the company's financial results.

As a result, the company has officially declared a "Closed Period" commencing from 2023-05-31 to 2023-05-31. During this period, it is strictly prohibited for any Director, CEO, or Executive of Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited to engage in any form of direct or indirect trading activities involving the company's shares.

The implementation of the Closed Period ensures transparency and fairness in the market, safeguarding the interests of shareholders and preventing any potential conflict of interest. During this period, those involved in key decision-making roles within the company are required to refrain from any transactions involving Al-Noor Sugar Mills' shares.