Amman to host Arab Towns Organization conference next June

Amman The 18th General Conference of the Arab Towns Organization (ATO) will be held in Amman on June 24 under the title "Sustainable Development and a Stronger Partnership".

Mayor of Amman Yousef Shawarbah said in a statement that the Amman municipality is hosting the conference, which comes at a time when Arab cities need to enhance joint cooperation due to the current conditions to keep abreast of rapid changes and developments in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

ATO Secretary General Ahmed Hamad Al Subaih said that the theme of the conference is in line with the vision of the Organization on supporting programs, plans and strategies that will achieve the sustainable growth in Arab cities.

He added that ATO has supported, since its establishment in 1967 in Kuwait, Arab cities to achieve sustainable growth through programs, plans and strategies, especially as six institutions affiliated to the Organization work actively to organize seminars, courses and forums.

The Arab Towns Organization is a network which exists to develop cooperation between Arab cities in order to promote their development, while preserving their Arab identity.

Source: International Islamic News Agency