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At OIC Festival in Abu Dhabi, UNA photo exhibit highlights ties of fraternity in Islamic societies

Abu Dhabi The Union of OIC News Agencies (UNA) has highlighted, during its participation in the OIC Festival currently being held in Abu Dhabi under the theme “One Nation Unified by Benevolent Cooperation, Justice and Tolerance, the manifestations of tolerance in the societies throughout the Muslim countries.

The Union is participating in this festival through the establishment of a photo exhibition featuring pictures from the official news agencies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain, Indonesia, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Niger, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Malaysia, CAte d’Ivoire, Togo, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Mauritania.

UNA’s participation has highlighted the great role played by the governments of Islamic countries in consolidating the values of tolerance and coexistence, not only inside the Muslim countries but also around the world, through convening conferences and forums that bring together the leaders of all religions.

The content of the exhibition presented by the Union in the festival showed the depth of the brotherly ties between the components of the societies in the Islamic countries. The pictures also depicted the close affinities between the followers of the Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence despite the desperate attempts of extremist organizations to sow the seeds of discord among them.

The visitors praised the active participation of the Union and its role in spreading the culture of tolerance, coexistence and rejection of extremism. They also stressed the important role played by the media, including the official news agencies, in the consolidation of the values of tolerance.

Source: International Islamic News Agency