Board of directors meeting of BMA Empress Cash Fund

Karachi, BMA Empress Cash Fund informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that board of directors meeting of the company will be held on October 28, 2019 at Karachi. The agenda of the meeting will to consider the Quarterly Accounts for the period ended September 30, 2019.

BMA Asset Management Company Limited (BMA Funds) is a Non-Banking Finance Company licensed to perform Asset Management and Investment Advisory Services as per the NBFC Rules, 2003. Incorporated in April 2005, BMA Funds was fully licensed to carry out asset management and investment advisory services in November 2005. BMA Funds is pleased to inform you that the BMA Empress Cash Fund was the top performing money fund in the country for the month of Feb 2012.

The symbol “OEFBMAECF” is being used by the stock exchanges for the shares of BMA Empress Cash Fund.