Calcorp Limited to Hold Extraordinary General Meeting for Director Elections

Karachi, Calcorp Limited, a leading company in its industry, has announced that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will take place on July 01, 2023, in Karachi. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct important business, with a primary focus on electing seven directors for the company.

According to the notice issued by Calcorp Limited, the Board of Directors fixed the number of directors to be elected in a meeting held on May 26, 2023, in accordance with Section 159 of the Companies Act, 2017. The elected directors will serve a three-year term commencing from July 01, 2023.

The retiring directors whose positions are up for election are Mr. Saad Saeed Faruqui, Mr. Shahrukh Saeed Faruqui, Ms. Sana Shahzad, Mr. Azam Adnan Khan, Ms. Sadia Hamid, Mr. Muhammad Danish Hussain, and Mr. Yousuf Muhammad Farooq. Any member interested in contesting the election must file a notice of their intention to stand as a candidate with the company no later than fourteen days before the meeting. The notice should be accompanied by their consent on Form-28, as required by section 159 of the Companies Act, 2017.

In addition to the director elections, the EGM will also address any other business that may arise with the permission of the chair. Calcorp Limited emphasizes its commitment to transparent and fair governance processes and encourages the participation of its members in this important decision-making event.