Crescent Fibres Limited Director Makes Substantial Share Purchases

Karachi, In a recent disclosure of interest, Mansoor Riaz, a non-executive director of Crescent Fibres Limited, has made significant share purchases in the company. The transactions, which occurred on June 5, 2023, indicate a bullish stance by the director.

Riaz acquired a total of 100 shares at a rate of 48.32 and 74,000 shares at a rate of 46.17. Additionally, he purchased 75,000 shares at a rate of 47.17. All purchases were made through the Central Depository Company (CDC) and are classified as "ready" shares.

This move by the director has attracted attention within the industry, as substantial share purchases by company insiders often signal their confidence in the company's future prospects. Market analysts are closely monitoring the situation to assess potential implications for Crescent Fibres Limited's stock performance.