Executive Director of Flying Cement Company Acquires Significant Shares

Business & Finance

Karachi, Flying Cement Company Limited has reported a notable acquisition of shares within the company by one of its key figures. Qasim Khan, the Executive Director of Flying Cement Company Limited, executed a substantial purchase of company shares in a transaction conducted on September 5, 2023.

In this transaction, Mr. Qasim Khan acquired a total of 600,000 shares of Flying Cement Company Limited at a rate of PKR 10.00 per share. These shares were obtained in the form of CDC (Central Depository Company) certificates.

This significant acquisition underscores Mr. Qasim Khan's confidence in the company's prospects and his commitment to its growth and development. As an Executive Director, his decision to increase his stake in Flying Cement Company Limited reflects positively on the company's leadership and its long-term strategic vision.

Such actions by key executives and shareholders are often seen as a vote of confidence in the company's future performance and can be indicative of positive prospects. This transaction will likely be of interest to investors, analysts, and stakeholders of Flying Cement Company Limited, and it may have implications for the company's future direction and strategies.