Extraordinary General Meeting Announced by Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited on September 30, 2023

Karachi, The Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited (the Company) has officially announced an Extraordinary General Meeting scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 30, 2023. The meeting will be convened at a location in Lahore to discuss important matters concerning the company's operations and governance.

The primary agenda item for this meeting will be the confirmation of the minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on June 03, 2022, where critical decisions were made regarding the company's future course of action.

In addition to this business, the Company has also announced the closure of its share transfer books. The share transfer books will remain closed from September 22, 2023, to September 30, 2023, both days inclusive. This move is likely to be in preparation for potential changes in the shareholding structure or capital restructuring.

The upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting is expected to draw the attention of the Company's stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, and other interested parties. It represents a crucial opportunity for participants to gain insights into the Company's performance and future plans.

As the date of the meeting approaches, shareholders and concerned individuals are encouraged to stay informed and make arrangements to attend the meeting or participate remotely if applicable. Further details regarding the meeting's location, time, and specific agenda items will be provided to all relevant parties in due course.

The Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited remains committed to transparency and effective communication with its stakeholders, ensuring that decisions impacting the company's future are made collectively and in the best interest of all parties involved.