Famous Lipu Sugar Orange in China — Lipu Promotes Quality Improvement and Upgrading of the Sugar Orange Industry

LIPU, China, Nov. 9, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– In January and February every year, sugar oranges in Lipu City, Guangxi, are sold to all over the country with their bright colors, which implies the sweet taste. In 2021, the planting area of sugar orange in Lipu reaches 302,000 mu, with an expected output of 620,000 tons and an output value of about RMB 2.48 billion. The city now has 2 regional-level core demonstration zones, 1 county-level demonstration zone and 15 town-level demonstration parks for sugar orange, which effectively drive the quality improvement and upgrading of agricultural production in the whole city and further increase the added value of agricultural products.

Picking Lipu sugar oranges

In order to further ensure the quality of fruit, Lipu City promotes the green plant protection technology in an effective and integrated way and carries out the certification for green sugar orange. As of October 2021, four cooperatives and companies in Lipu City had won the national certification of “Green Food Grade A Product Certificate”, with the certification area of 4,710 mu, which is expected to reach 180,000 mu in the whole city in 2023. At the same time, the production and marketing consortiums of quality sugar orange are cultivated through technical support and market development to strengthen the demonstration and leading role of business entities and boost the development of the sugar orange industry. At present, there are 19 leading enterprises, 515 farmers’ professional cooperatives and 81 family farms in the city, according to the Publicity Department of Lipu City.

Sorting Lipu sugar oranges

Every year, Lipu City regularly holds Lipu Sugar Orange Cultural Festival and “Orange King” Competition. Experts and scholars in all walks of life are invited to participate in these activities, and large planters and sales enterprises are organized to participate in local fruit fairs and promotion events, so as to enhance the brand popularity and influence of sugar orange.

Located in the northeast of Guangxi and the south of Guilin City, Lipu City is situated in the Southern Jiangxi-Northern Guangxi orange advantage zone planned by the country, and it is the only characteristic agricultural product advantage area of sugar oranges in China. Lipu sugar orange obtained the national geographical indication certification in 2017, and was selected into the National List of Famous, Special and Excellent New Agricultural Products in 2015 and 2017. Xiuren Town of Lipu City has also been awarded the title of “Town of Sugar Orange in Guangxi”, and a number of registered trademarks such as “Lizhou” and “Silver Garden” have been awarded the title of “Guangxi Famous Brand Products” and “Guangxi Quality Agricultural Products”.

The fruits of Lipu sugar orange have moderate and uniform sizes, the peel is smooth, thin, and easy to peel off, and the pulp is tender and juicy with a delicious and sweet taste. Furthermore, Lipu sugar orange contains a variety of vitamins and proteins as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other elements needed by the human body, which is suitable for all ages. At present, sugar orange has become one of the pillar industries of the agricultural economy development in Lipu City.

Source: The Publicity Department of Lipu City

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