Final Notice of Masood Textile Mills Limited


Karachi, Masood Textile Mills Limitedinformed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the shares issued / dividend declared, by the Company; details whereof are appearing on the Company’s website have remained unclaimed or unpaid for a period of three years from the date these have become due and payable.
Masood Textile Mills is the only textile mill in Pakistan with latest computerized Barcode System that assures quality in every operation of production from spinning to packing. Products of each department carry bar coded stickers, which bear all the details and history of the operations of that product. Hence if any problem is reported, one can trace back the root of the problem and enable to prevent occurrence of the same in future.

Besides, MTM is one of the few fully vertical textile mills in Pakistan having in-house Yarn, Knitting, Fabric dyeing, Processing, Laundry and Apparel Manufacturing facilities. The vertically integrated operations help us in achieving shorter lead times and greater flexibility to cater to the customers demand.

The symbol “MSOT” is being used by the stock exchange for Masood Textile Mills.