First Elite Capital Modaraba Director, Muhammad Javed Amin, Purchases 6,500 Shares at Rs.3.12

Karachi, Muhammad Javed Amin, a Non-Executive Director of First Elite Capital Modaraba, has executed a transaction involving the purchase of company shares. On May 9, 2023, Amin bought 6,500 shares at a rate of 3.12 per share. The transaction was conducted through the Central Depository Company (CDC) and the shares were in ready form.

This purchase indicates a significant move by the director, signaling confidence in the company's prospects. As a non-executive director, Amin plays a crucial role in providing guidance and oversight in the company's decision-making processes. His decision to acquire shares of First Elite Capital Modaraba may suggest his positive outlook on the company's future performance.

First Elite Capital Modaraba is a listed company that operates in the financial sector. Modaraba’s are financial institutions in Pakistan that operate on the principles of Islamic finance, providing Sharia-compliant investment opportunities to their clients.

The disclosure of interest by directors, CEOs, executives, their spouses, and substantial shareholders is an important regulatory requirement that ensures transparency in the trading activities of key individuals associated with listed companies. By disclosing such transactions, investors and the public can gain insights into the confidence and investment decisions of influential figures within the organization.