GOC (Pakistan) Limited Board Meeting Scheduled to Discuss Annual Accounts and Entitlement Declaration

Karachi, The Board of Directors of GOC (Pakistan) Limited is set to convene a crucial meeting on September 18, 2023, to deliberate on the company's Annual Accounts for the fiscal period ending June 30, 2023. The primary agenda for the meeting is to determine whether any entitlement will be declared for the company's shareholders.

In anticipation of the upcoming board meeting, GOC (Pakistan) Limited has instituted a Closed Period, which began on September 11, 2023, and will remain in effect until September 18, 2023. During this Closed Period, insiders, including directors, officers, and employees of the company, are prohibited from trading in the company's shares to maintain transparency and fairness.

The decision to declare an entitlement, such as dividends or bonus shares, is of significant importance to the company's shareholders. It reflects the financial performance and profitability of GOC (Pakistan) Limited for the specified period and directly affects the returns received by the shareholders.

The meeting will bring together the board members, who will carefully assess the financial reports and other relevant data to make an informed decision regarding entitlement. Shareholders and stakeholders of the company eagerly await the outcome of the meeting, as it will have a direct impact on their investments in GOC (Pakistan) Limited.

The company's commitment to transparency and good corporate governance is evident through the implementation of a Closed Period, ensuring that all stakeholders have equal access to information and opportunities, without any undue advantage to insiders.

The results of the board meeting, including any decisions on entitlement, will be disclosed in due course to the public and shareholders, providing clarity on the financial performance and future prospects of GOC (Pakistan) Limited.