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Interloop Limited Executive Sells 11,054 Shares at 48.88 Rate: Disclosure of Interest

Karachi, Interloop Limited's Executive Director, Tariq Rashid Malik, has executed a sale of shares in the company, according to the Disclosure of Interest by a Director, CEO, or Executive of a listed company and their Spouses and the Substantial Shareholders. Mr. Malik sold 11,054 shares of Interloop Limited on May 2, 2023, at a rate of PKR 48.88 per share, with a form of Shari certificates in CDC ready. The nature of the transaction is categorized as "SELL".

This disclosure of interest is in line with the requirements of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, which require directors, CEOs, executives, their spouses, and substantial shareholders to disclose any transactions involving the shares of the company.