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Kohat Cement Shows Marginal Price Fluctuation in Regular and Future Markets

Karachi, In today's trading session at the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Kohat Cement (KOHC), a well-known company in the cement industry, exhibited slight variations in its stock prices. The regular market saw the company's stock opening at PKR 229.47 and closing marginally higher at PKR 230. The stock fluctuated between a low of PKR 227 and a high of PKR 227.69, with a total of 102,847 shares traded. The closing price was registered at PKR 226.01.

In the futures market, Kohat Cement presented a different scenario with no shares traded for its December (KOHC-DEC), February (KOHC-FEB), and January (KOHC-JAN) futures. Despite the absence of trade, the futures showed noteworthy price points. The December futures closed at PKR 229.75, after reaching a high of PKR 231.29. Similarly, the February futures peaked at PKR 240.46 and closed at PKR 238.85, while the January futures touched PKR 235.87 before settling at PKR 234.3.