KSE30 Index Futures Show Varied Closing Figures in December, January, and February Contracts

Karachi, The Pakistan Stock Exchange reported the closing figures for the KSE30 index futures for December, January, and February on December 7, 2023. The data reveals no trading activity for these futures on this day, yet there were notable differences in their closing figures.

The December futures contract for KSE30 (KSE30-DEC) was noted to have a high of 21,884, eventually closing at 21,651. This indicates a variance in the index level, despite the absence of trading transactions.

Similarly, the February futures contract (KSE30-FEB) recorded a high of 22,620 and closed at 22,380. This movement suggests a fluctuation in the anticipated market conditions for the month of February.

The January futures contract (KSE30-JAN) also followed this pattern. With no trades executed, it still posted a high of 22,252 and concluded at 22,015.

These figures represent the expected market sentiments for the respective months, as perceived by the market participants in the absence of actual trading.