Lalpir Power Experiences Notable Stock Movement in Regular and Futures Trading

Karachi, Lalpir Power (LPL) witnessed noteworthy activity in its stock prices in the Pakistan Stock Exchange on December 7, 2023. The company's shares opened at PKR 23.44 and closed slightly higher at PKR 23.65. During the day, the stock fluctuated, reaching a low of PKR 22.9 and a high of PKR 23.14. A substantial volume of 1,640,847 shares was traded, with the closing price settling at PKR 23.32.

In the futures market, Lalpir Power's December futures (LPL-DEC) opened at PKR 23.65 and exhibited an upward trend, closing at PKR 24. The shares peaked at PKR 23.36 with 33,500 shares traded, ending the day at the closing price of PKR 24.

The February futures (LPL-FEB) and January futures (LPL-JAN) for Lalpir Power, however, did not record any trading activity. Despite this, the February futures noted a high of PKR 24.44 and closed at PKR 24.64. Similarly, the January futures touched a high of PKR 23.97 and concluded at PKR 24.97.

These movements in Lalpir Power's stock indicate the market's response to the company's performance and future expectations.