Material Information of ADOS Pakistan Limited

Karachi, ADOS Pakistan Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the initial buy-back period of purchase of share of the company by the sponsors has already been expired on November 17, 2022. The remaining minority shareholders of the company, who could not avail the opportunity earlier and desire to sale the shares are requested to approach the Sponsors of the company at Islamabad.

“Ados Pakistan Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on March 05, 1986 as a Private Limited Company and was later converted into a Public Limited Company on April 04, 1989.

The Company has been involved in the supply of oil and gas field related equipment, fabrication and refurbishment of equipment and spare parts used in oil and gas industry, and also engaged in fabrication of vehicles in respect of bullet proofing protection.

The total number of shares Ados Pakistan Limited issued so far are 6,582,600. Earning Per Shares is (4.29) and was (10.42) in 2019. The Net Profit Margin percentage in 2020 is (38.20%) which was (180.10%) in 2019.”