Material Information of Dadabhoy Construction Technology Limited

Karachi, Dadabhoy Construction Technology Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the compliance of PSX regulations could not be made within the prescribed time on account of certain unavoidable circumstances. They are trying their best to make compliance. It is therefore requested to grant an extension of 30days for the compliance and also to regularize other statutory requirements.

“Dadabhoy Construction Technology Limited was incorporated on April 07, 1981 in Pakistan, as a Public Limited Company. Earlier, the name of the company was Pak German Prefabs Limited, and during the year of 2005 the company’s name has changed to Dadabhoy Construction Technology Limited after the merger with an associated company.

The principal activities of the company are to acquire and develop land for construction and sell of properties and to manufacture and sell the sealing chemicals/bonds used in construction including Hi Bond Cement and allied products. It is a part of the M.H. Dadabhoy Group of Companies.

The total shares of the Company are 2,322,800. The Earnings per shares of the Company is (3.65) in 2019 which was 18.63 in 2018. The profit after taxation in 2019 is (8,486,000) which was 43,284, 000 in 2018.”