Material Information of Ghani Chemical Industries Limited

Material Information

Karachi, Ghani Chemical Industries Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the approval of shareholders of the Company in their Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM) held on December 20, 2022, the Company has disinvested 25,000 shares (entire shareholding) each of the following three subsidiary companies to avoid unnecessary legal formalities regarding attachment and publications of consolidated accounts. 1. A One Prefabs (Private) Limited. 2. A One Batteries (Private) Limited. 3. Awal Engineering (Private) Limited.

Ghani Chemical Industries Limited was incorporated in Pakistan as a private limited company on November 23, 2015 and was converted into a public limited company on April 20, 2017. The Company is principally engaged in manufacturing, sale and trading of medical & industrial gases and chemicals.

Ghani Chemicals planning to set up a state-of-the-art chemical plant in Phool Nagar Distt. Kasur