Pakistan Company News – Material Information of Hum Network Company Limited

Material Information of Hum Network Company Limited

Karachi, Hum Network Company Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Board of Directors of Hum Network Limited (“the Company”) has passed a resolution accepting the resignation of Mr. M. Ayub Younus Adhi as Director of the Company with effect from May 30, 2018, and has appointed Mr. Hasan Reza ur Rahim as the Director of HUM Network Limited with effect from May 30, 2018, to fill the casual vacancy, in place of Mr. M. Ayub Younus Adhi.

Hum Network Company Limited was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company in February 2004 with the name of Eye TV Limited. Later on January 21, 2011 the company name was changed to Hum Network Company Limited. The principal activities of the business include launching of transnational satellite channels and presenting the cultural heritage of Pakistan. The core business operations of the company are production, advertisement, entertainment and media marketing. Programs related to information, entertainment, news, education, health food, music and societies are shown on the channel. The registered office of the company is located in Karachi. The stocks of the company are quoted on the Karachi Stock Exchange of Pakistan.

The brands of the company include Hum TV, Masala TV and Hum 2 in the television medium. The publications of the company include Masala TV food magazine, Humsay and Bridal Couture Week Magazine.

The symbol “HUMNL” is being used by the stock exchanges for the shares of Hum Network Company Limited.