Material Information of Pakgen Power Limited

Karachi, Pakgen Power Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that M/s. Providus Capital (Pvt.) Limited (“Providus”) a substantial shareholder of the company has intimated to acquire further 631,500 shares of the company at an average rate of Rs. 31.16 per share..

“Pakgen Power Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on 22 June 1995. The principal activities of the Company are to own, operate and maintain an oil fired power station having gross capacity of 365 MW in Mehmood Kot, Muzaffargarh, and Punjab, Pakistan.

The total number of shares are 372,081,591. The Earnings per share is 11.86 in 2020 which was 7.82 in 2019. The Profit after tax of the Company is 4,411,282,000 in 2020 which was 2,911,041,000 in 2019.”