Material Information of ZIL Limited

Karachi, ZIL Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that I, Feriel Ali Mehdi have acquired on 17-08-2022 1,322,417 (21.5989%) voting shares of the ZIL Limited through gift from my brother, Syed Muhammad Zeyd Ali S/o Syed Asad Ali (Late). This transaction does not attract part IX of the Act (except reporting) in terms of Section 109(I) (h) (i) of the Act.

2. Before this acquisition I was holding 3,047,455 (49.7739%) shares of the Company. After abovementioned acquisition my total shareholding in the Company is 4,369,872 shares which represent 71.3728% of the total issued voting shares of the Company.

ZIL Limited was incorporated as a private limited company in February 1960 and was subsequently converted into a public limited company in November 1986. The principal activity of the Company is manufacture and sale of home and personal care products.

In November 1986, the company was converted from a private limited company to a public limited company. The company’s Head Office is located in Karachi, their network of sales and distribution has expanded to all parts of the country, enabling Pakistani to enjoy benefits of skin and fabric wash.

The total number of shares are 6,122,600. The Earning per share is 2.17 in 2020 which was 10.74 in 2019. The Profit after Taxation is 13,261,000 in 2020 which was 65,742,000 in 2019.