Meezan Bank Credits 40% Interim Cash Dividend to Shareholders’ Bank Accounts

Business & Finance

Karachi, Meezan Bank Limited is delighted to announce that the Board of Directors, in its meeting on August 10, 2023, approved an Interim Cash Dividend of Rs. 4 per share, amounting to a generous 40% dividend for the year ending December 31, 2023. The bank has successfully executed the distribution of this dividend, which has been credited to the bank accounts of eligible shareholders.

Shareholders who have provided their valid International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) have received their dividend directly in their designated bank accounts. This distribution process took place from September 4, 2023, to September 6, 2023, utilizing electronic means, ensuring a swift and efficient transfer of funds to shareholders.

This announcement is welcome news for Meezan Bank's shareholders, who can now access their dividends conveniently through their bank accounts. The bank's commitment to providing value to its investors is evident through this substantial interim dividend payment, showcasing the institution's financial stability and commitment to shareholder returns.

The Interim Cash Dividend reflects Meezan Bank's strong financial performance and underscores its dedication to delivering attractive returns to its shareholders. Investors and stakeholders are likely to appreciate this development as they continue to track the bank's progress throughout the year 2023.