National Refinery Limited Board Meeting to Review Quarter-End Financial Statements

Rawalpindi, National Refinery Limited has officially announced that its Board of Directors is scheduled to convene a significant meeting on October 09, 2023, in Rawalpindi. The primary agenda of this meeting is to thoroughly examine the financial statements for the quarter ending on September 30, 2023, with a particular focus on determining any entitlements for the company's stakeholders.

In adherence to the regulatory framework established in Clause 5.6.4 of the PSX's Rule Book, National Refinery Limited has declared a "Closed Period" that commenced on October 02, 2023, and will extend until October 09, 2023, encompassing both days. During this Closed Period, it is important to note that no transactions involving the acquisition, sale, or transfer of shares in National Refinery Limited are permitted, whether conducted directly or indirectly, for the company's Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), or any Executives associated with the organization.

This precautionary measure is instituted to ensure equitable treatment for all shareholders and to uphold the integrity of the market, mitigating potential conflicts of interest and insider trading.

The forthcoming Board meeting holds significant importance for National Refinery Limited and its stakeholders, as it will provide an opportunity for a comprehensive review of the company's financial performance for the quarter ending September 30, 2023. Additionally, discussions during the meeting will encompass the potential declaration of dividends or entitlements for shareholders.

Stakeholders, investors, and interested parties are strongly encouraged to stay updated on the outcomes of this pivotal meeting, as they will directly impact the financial trajectory of National Refinery Limited and the interests of its shareholders. The company reaffirms its commitment to transparency and steadfast adherence to regulatory standards in all aspects of its operations.