Pak Elektron Shares See Varied Activity on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, In today's trading session on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, shares of Pak Elektron (PAEL) experienced fluctuating activity across different months. The company's stock closed at a price of 21.61 PKR after moving between a high of 21.99 PKR and a low of 21.24 PKR, with a trading volume of 1,019,767 shares, slightly below the last closing price of 21.76 PKR.

In the futures market, Pak Elektron's April contracts (PAEL-APR) remained steady, with both the opening and closing price at 22.59 PKR on a volume of 500 shares. Similarly, the March contracts (PAEL-MAR) saw a slight decrease, closing at 21.92 PKR from an opening high of 22.3 PKR and a low of 21.5 PKR, with a total of 429,500 shares traded. The closing price was a slight decrease compared to the last trading price of 22.07 PKR.

Interestingly, May contracts (PAEL-MAY) were listed without any trading activity, showing an indicative closing price of 22.97 PKR, compared to the previous rate of 23.14 PKR, despite no shares being exchanged.