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Pakistan Stock Exchange Reports Notable Transactions in Attock Refinery Stocks

Karachi, The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) witnessed significant activity in Attock Refinery stocks on February 9, 2024, as detailed in the latest financial announcements. The trading session highlighted notable fluctuations in stock prices and trading volumes, capturing the market's attention.

Attock Refinery Limited (ATRL) saw its shares traded actively, with the opening price at 329.5, peaking at 329.6 before dipping to a low of 317, and finally settling at 322.64 by the close of the market. A total of 921,106 shares were traded during the session, with the closing price slightly below the average of 335.53.

The company's various futures contracts also experienced varied levels of activity, albeit without any trades executed for some. The ATRL-APR, ATRL-APRB, ATRL-MAR, and ATRL-MARB contracts were listed but did not see any movement, indicating a wait-and-see approach from investors regarding future price directions. Notably, the ATRL-APRB contract showed a significant theoretical closing price of 337.05, pointing towards investor expectations of a future price increase to 351.21.

Meanwhile, the ATRL-FEB contract was more active, with prices fluctuating between 325 and 329.95 before closing at 322.64, on a volume of 973,000 shares. This closing price aligns with the general trend observed in the ATRL stocks, suggesting cautious optimism among traders. The ATRL-FEBB contract, with a narrower trading range between 327 and 322, ended slightly higher at 323.09, based on 28,000 shares traded, reflecting a modest confidence in near-term price stability.

The trading patterns of Attock Refinery's stocks and futures on the PSE on February 9 offer a snapshot of investor sentiment and market dynamics surrounding one of Pakistan's key refinery companies.