Sapphire Textile Mills Limited Announces Election of Directors at Extra Ordinary General Meeting

Karachi, In preparation for the upcoming Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EOGM) of Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, a list of candidates vying for the position of Directors has been released. The shareholders of the company have been notified that the following individuals have filed their intention to contest the Election of Directors at the meeting, scheduled to be held on 15th June 2023.

The candidates who have put forth their names for consideration are:

1. Mr. Mohammad Abdullah

2. Mr. Shahid Abdullah

3. Mr. Nadeem Abdullah

4. Mr. Ameer Abdullah

5. Mr. Yousuf Abdullah

6. Mr. Nabeel Abdullah

7. Mr. Umer Abdullah

8. Mr. Mirza Saleem Baig

9. Mr. Shahid Shafiq

10. Ms. Mashmooma Zehra Majeed

Notably, the number of individuals offering themselves for election does not exceed the number of vacant Director Positions. As a result, it has been determined that all the candidates listed above shall be deemed elected as Directors at the forthcoming EOGM.

The election of Directors is a crucial process that shapes the leadership and direction of the company. Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, known for its high-quality textiles, is likely to witness new faces taking charge of strategic decision-making and governance. The shareholders eagerly await the EOGM to witness the finalization of the new Director lineup and the ensuing impact on the company's operations.

The EOGM, scheduled for 15th June 2023, promises to be a significant event for Sapphire Textile Mills Limited, as the elected Directors will bear the responsibility of leading the company forward in an ever-evolving industry. Shareholders and stakeholders are encouraged to attend the meeting to stay informed about the latest developments and witness the democratic process in action.