Sapphire Textile Mills Limited Issues Addendum to Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Karachi, In a recent development, Sapphire Textile Mills Limited has released an addendum to the previously announced notice regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM). The addendum, enclosed with the notice, provides additional information and clarifications to all concerned stakeholders.

The EOGM, which was initially scheduled to address crucial matters pertaining to the company, will now include the details outlined in the newly issued addendum. While the exact content of the addendum has not been disclosed, it is expected to shed light on important updates and changes related to the meeting.

The notice, along with the addendum, has been disseminated to all shareholders and relevant parties. It is imperative for shareholders to review the addendum in order to stay well-informed about the updated agenda and any modifications to the previously announced matters to be discussed at the EOGM.

This unexpected addendum has sparked curiosity among investors and industry experts, who eagerly await further information. The company is expected to release more details in the coming days, providing shareholders with a clearer understanding of the revised agenda and its potential impact on the organization.

The Extraordinary General Meeting, with the additional insights provided by the recently released addendum, is scheduled to take place as per the original notice. Shareholders and stakeholders are advised to make necessary arrangements and actively participate in this significant event, which could shape the course of Sapphire Textile Mills Limited's future endeavors.