Transaction of 278,000 shares of Avanceon Limited

Karachi, Avanceon Limitedinformed Pakistan Stock Exchange about transaction of shares of the company. 46,000 shares @ Rs. 63.07 per share were sold in the market on May30, 2018, 29,500 shares @ Rs. 62.98 per share were sold in the market on June 06, 2018, 47,000 shares @ Rs. 62.50 per share were sold in the market on May16, 2018, 38,000 shares @ Rs. 65.46 per share were sold in the market on May04, 2018, 5,000 shares @ Rs. 62.55 per share were sold in the market on May22, 2018, 20,000 shares @ Rs. 65.50 per share were sold in the market on June04, 2018, 3,500 shares @ Rs. 64 per share were sold in the market on June 05, 2018 and 89,000 shares @ Rs. 56.18 per share were sold in the market on May15, 2018 through CDC.

Avanceon Limited incorporated in Pakistan in 1984. It provides engineering services in electrical, controls, machine design, information technology, and manufacturing business strategy. The services of the company in engineering services, software solutions, energy optimization, and support services enables its clients with the opportunity to achieve powerful business results and financial returns for its customers. The corporate headquarters of the company is located at Exton, PA USA, with company operational facilities in South Asia and Dubai, UAE. The registered head office of the company in Pakistan is located in Lahore. The company currently employees over 300 personnel and provides services, solutions and products to Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Water, Chemicals, Printing, Oil & Gas and other industries. It is a member of Control Engineering Magazine’s System Integrator Hall of Fame and a leading technology partner for many global manufacturing companies.

The engineering services offered by the company includes consulting and design of plant floor operations, manufacturing execution system software integration, custom software development for manufacturing, manufacturing maintenance support and turnkey outsourcing for integration automation solutions. The products of the company include IntraVUETM network visualization and monitoring software, ABACASTM Project Execution Methodology, ABACASTM HMI Design Methodology, ABACASTM PLC Design Methodology, AutoGenTM Automation Synchronization Toolkit, ScanHACCPTM Food Safety Quality Assurance System and DataSourceTM Print Manager.

The symbol “AVN” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of Avanceon Limited

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