UBL Fund Managers Limited Announces Interim Cash Dividends for UBL Special Savings Plan-VII, UBL Special Savings Plan-V, and Al-Ameen Islamic Cash Plan-I

Karachi, UBL Fund Managers Limited has recently approved interim cash dividends for three of its investment plans. The Chief Executive Officer, acting under the authority granted by the Board of Directors, has confirmed the distribution of dividends based on the performance of each plan.

For the UBL Special Savings Plan-VII, investors can expect an interim cash dividend of Re.0.0324 per unit, which amounts to 0.03%. This dividend reflects the positive results achieved during the period ending on May 26, 2023.

Similarly, investors in the UBL Special Savings Plan-V will receive an interim cash dividend of Re.0.0565 per unit, equivalent to 0.06%.