UN Security Council to hold briefing and consultations on Libya

The Security Council is scheduled to hold Monday its bimonthly meeting on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and Libya sanctions.

UN Special Envoy and head of UNSMIL Ghassan Salame is expected to brief, via video teleconference from Tripoli, the Council members on the latest developments in Libya.

Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany Ambassador Jurgen Schulz will also brief the Council on Libya sanctions, in his capacity as chair of the Libya Sanctions Committee, established pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) to oversee the sanctions measures imposed by the Security Council. The briefings will be followed by consultations.

During the past few days, Salame held a series of meetings inside and outside Libya to mobilize support to deescalate the military situation and revive the political process, which has been disrupted by armed clashes in Tripoli suburbs since 4 April.

On 16 July, Council members France, the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as Egypt, Italy and the United Arab Emirates called for a halt to the fighting in Libya, a return by the parties to the UNmediated political process, and a need for the process to be reenergized. The countries stated that there can be no military solution in Libya, and called upon UN member states to prevent destabilizing arms shipments.

Source: International Islamic News Agency