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Annual General Meeting of Singer Pakistan Limited

Karachi, Singer Pakistan Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the resolution passed by the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting on June16, 2021.

Founded in year 1861 by Issac Merritt Singer in New York, Singer started with sewing machines as their primary product. Singer became a multinational brand with outlets and stores worldwide within years. Ever since its inception, Singer has been dedicated to make lives easier as the product range diversified over years. Singer came to sub-continent in 1877, introducing diverse range of their sewing machine models as well as other appliances like refrigerators. Singer is also the pioneer of hire-purchase business offering products on easy instalments to customers.

Today, Singer has expanded business into a variety of products and appliances across the range of household and Industrial brackets. With over 750 shops, Singer runs South Asia’s largest retail network with 140 shops in Pakistan alone. We are lodged in every nook and corner of the country delivering you your favourite range of appliances at your doorstep.

At Singer we believe in keeping up with the fast paced advancements in technology and are continuously evolving our product line to bring you appliances build on pure innovation, adding value to lives.