Fertilizer Sector Faces Slight Decline in Pakistan Stock Exchange

Islamabad, The Fertilizer sector experienced a decline in the Pakistan Stock Exchange as the market capitalization stood at Rs. 724,054,855,662 with a turnover of 13,728,133. The All Shares Index reported for the sector showed a decrease, down by 96.79 points to settle at 23,861.80, reflecting a minor setback in market movements.

Leasing Companies Report Minimal Activity

Islamabad, Leasing Companies observed minimal market activity in the latest session on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. With a low turnover of 6,500 and a slight decrease in the index by 1.52 points, the market capitalization stood at Rs. 673,506,112.

Glass & Ceramics Sector Sees Unprecedented Index Drop

Islamabad, The Glass & Ceramics sector on the Pakistan Stock Exchange saw a dramatic fall in its index, the largest recorded in recent times. The sector's market capitalization was reported at Rs. 60,210,436,449, with a turnover of 1,831,051. The index dramatically fell by 1,837,008.28 points to 421,523,637.98.

Slight Increase in Woollen Sector Index

Karachi, The Woollen sector observed a small increase in its market index, up by 2.92 points, closing at 3,771.82. This sector, which traded 7,000 shares, has a very low market capitalization of Rs. 245 million, representing just 0.002% of the total market capitalization.

Bonds Sector Remains Unchanged

Karachi, The Bonds sector did not see any change, with both the index and turnover remaining at zero. This sector contributes nothing to the overall market capitalization on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Paper & Board Sector Sees Decrease in Market Index on PSE

Karachi, The Paper & Board sector at the Pakistan Stock Exchange faced a downturn as its index dropped by 105.49 points to 16,638.43. With a turnover of 879,699 shares, the sector's market capitalization stands at Rs. 77.88 billion, contributing 0.794% to the total market capitalization.