NIT Pakistan Gateway ETF Posts Strong Dividend

Karachi, NIT Pakistan Gateway ETF (NITGETF) declared a strong dividend of 9.342% for investors, with distributions set for June. The ETF closed the day at 14.86 rupees and reported a fund size of 55.500 million rupees. With a market lot size of 500, the ETF had a high rate of 15.56 rupees and a low rate of 12.09 rupees in January 2024, achieving a turnover of 9,000. Listed in 2020, NITGETF maintains a par value of 500 rupees.

Reliance Insurance Co. Ltd. Announces Dividend Distribution Amidst Financial Performance

Karachi, Reliance Insurance Co. Ltd. (RICL), listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1983, has announced a dividend distribution of 5% cash and 5% bonus shares for the year ending December 2023. The company reported a daily weighted average rate of Rs. 10.45, with a high of Rs. 8.5 and a low of Rs. 172,500 in turnover. With a paid-up capital of Rs. 665.38 million, Reliance Insurance Co. Ltd. recorded an earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 0.7 for January 2024, reflecting its financial performance for the fiscal year 2022/2023.

NBP Islamic Stock Fund Delivers Remarkable 21.10% Distribution for June

Karachi, Demons trating a robust performance, the NBP Islamic Stock Fund has delivered a remarkable 21.10% distribution for June 2023. Listed in 2014, the fund has rapidly become a cornerstone for investors interested in Sharia-compliant stock options, with an offer price of 15.56 and a redemption price of 15.05. This significant distribution underscores the fund's success in leveraging the Islamic stock market to generate outstanding returns for its investors.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. Shows Modest EPS Growth

Karachi, Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. (PSX), since its listing in 2017, reported an earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 0.27 for the fiscal year ending in June 2023. Despite not declaring any dividends, the company saw active trading with a volume of 12,339,500 shares, and its share price varied between Rs. 8.75 and Rs. 10.58. The paid-up capital of PSX is recorded at Rs. 8,014.77 million, indicating its substantial role in the country’s stock exchange landscape.

Aisha Steel Distributes Dividend for Preference Shares

Karachi, Aisha Steel (Preference) (ASLPS) has announced a dividend of Rs 1.18 for its preference shares for the year ending June 2023. The stock experienced limited trading with only 8,500 shares exchanged, indicating a cautious market response. The share price moved between Rs 9.83 and Rs 7.84 during the trading period.

Baba Farid Sugar Mills Reports No Dividend, Positive Earnings Amid Low Turnover

Karachi, Baba Farid Sugar Mills Ltd. (BAFS), despite declaring no dividend for the year ending September 2023, reported positive earnings with an EPS of Rs. 9.60. The company, which has been trading on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1984, experienced a relatively low turnover of 4,000 shares. The daily weighted average rate was Rs. 94.50. The shares traded within a narrow range in January 2024, from a high of Rs. 60.49 to a low of Rs. 40.60, reflecting cautious investor engagement in the sugar industry.

Ideal Spinning Mills Ltd. Announces Dividend Amidst Negative EPS

Karachi, Ideal Spinning Mills Ltd., known for its contribution to the textile spinning industry, revealed its annual financial outcomes for the year ending in June 2024. The company, which has been listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1991, reported a significant negative EPS of -55.85 for January 2024. Despite the financial challenges, Ideal Spinning Mills declared a 20% distribution to its shareholders. The company's turnover stood at 26,000, with its daily weighted average rate reaching a high of 16 and a low of 15.5. With a paid-up capital of 99.20 million, the announcement reflects the company's commitment to its shareholders amidst financial adversities.

HBL Income Fund Declares 5.00% Distribution for June 2024

Karachi, The HBL Income Fund, as per the latest updates from the Pakistan Stock Exchange, has declared a distribution of 5.00% for June 2024. With an offer price of 124.02 and a redemption price of 121.95, the fund has been a stable investment option since its inception in 2007, focusing on generating regular income through investments in fixed income securities.

Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd. Reports Steady Growth with Consistent Dividends

Islamabad, Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd. (OGDC), a cornerstone in Pakistan's energy sector, announced an annual dividend of 72.5% and an interim dividend of 16% for the fiscal year ending in June 2023. With an EPS of 52.23 for January 2024, OGDC demonstrated solid profitability. The company's share price ranged from 148.85 RS to 113 RS, achieving a significant turnover of 383,773,990 shares. OGDC has been a part of the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 2004, showcasing its longstanding contribution to the industry.

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Reports Negative Earnings, No Dividend Declared

Karachi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Ltd. (AGSML), facing challenges in the sugar industry, reported a loss with an earnings per share of Rs. -3.58 for the year ending September 2023. The company, which did not declare any dividend for its shareholders, saw its shares traded actively with a turnover of 3,345,000. Despite the negative earnings, the daily weighted average rate was Rs. 5.32. The stock’s performance fluctuated with a high of Rs. 8.45 and a low of Rs. 6 in January 2024, highlighting the volatile conditions in the sugar sector.