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Book Closure of K-Electric Limited

Karachi, K-Electric Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that in order to determine entitlement to the 4yh profit/rental payment of the Company due on August 03, 2021, the transfer book shall remain closed from July 27, 2021 to August 03, 2021 (both days inclusive).

K-Electric Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on September 13, 1913. The company is engaged in the business of generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy to industrial and other consumers.

The total number of shares of the Company is 27,615,194,245,000. The Earnings per shares are (0.11) in 2020 which was 0.63 in 2019. The Profit after Taxation is (2,959,211,000) in 2020 which was 17,273,617,000 in 2019.