Corporate Briefing Session of Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited

Karachi, Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Corporate Briefing Session of the will be held on August 13, 2021 through video link at Karachi, to brief about the Company’s financial performance.

The Company was established in 1969 in the field of business, and are introduced as the manufacturers and exporters of cotton yarns from Pakistan. The company was originally designed for a 12,000 spindle operation, which then have been increased to a level of 14,400 spindle. Recent additions have been towards diversifying the product range to encompass doubled yarn and as result approximately 2000 tons of yarn are been doubled per annum. Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited has In-House Power Generation from Caterpillar USA of 3.5 MW.

Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on February 9, 1967 as a public limited company. The principal line of their business is to provide the services of logistics, warehouses, construction, rental and allied business in the market. The financial year of the company was ended in the month of June 2020.

The shares of the company are listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange and The symbol “AATM” is being used for the shares of the company.

The company’s total number of shares issued are 44,426,694, Earnings Per Share is 3.03 in 2020 which was (0.11) in 2019. Their Profit After Tax has also increased up to 134,533,000 in 2020 which was (16,541,000) in 2019.