Material Information of Ahmed Hassan Textile Mills Limited

Karachi, Ahmed Hassan Textile Mills Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange The brief facts of the case are that petitioner No.1 of the Company is running textile business comprising of weaving and spinning units and for the purpose of better management of its business, a scheme of arrangement for reconstruction and demerger of business of the said company into two separate businesses i.e. weaving business to be retained by AIITML and spinning business/undertaking to be transferred to AHSL which is a newly incorporated company has been approved members/shareholders of the Company in their Extraordinary General Meeting held on November 30, 2019.

Ahmed Hassan Textile Mills Limited conducts research and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society.

Ahmad Hassan Textile Mills Ltd. is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates’ capabilities. Ahmad Hassan Textile Mills Ltd. continuously seeks to develop technologies and products that will have a greater impact on workers’ safety.

The symbol “AHMT” is being used by the stock exchange for Ahmed Hassan Textile Mills Limited.