Material Information of Ansari Sugar Mills Limited

Karachi, Ansari Sugar Mills Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that on February 17, 2020, the Company received letter from Mr. Jam Asif Mehmood, Advocate Supreme Court, Senior Partner of LEX FIRMA, Advocates, Barristers and Legal Consultants, Karachi regarding filing of case by Mr. Anver Majid against the company bearing Suit No. 143 of 2020 along with copy of the case and stay order on February 17, 2021.

Ansari Sugar Mills Limited (‘the Company’) was incorporated in Pakistan on July 09, 1989 as a Public Limited Company and the principal business of the Company is manufacturing and sale of white sugar.

The shares of the Company are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange and the symbol is being used as “ANSM.”

The total number of shares the company has issued are 56,136,657. Earning Per Share in 2017 is 1.12 compared to 0.88 in 2016. The Profit After Taxation in 2017 is 27,291,000 which was 21,535,000 in 2016.