Material Information of Balochistan Particle Board Limited

Karachi, Balochistan Particle Board Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that @ Rs. 46.70 per share including fair value of Rs. 5 per share.

Baluchistan Particle Board Limited is a Public Listed Company formerly engaged in the manufacture of particle board, formaldehyde and formaldehyde based resin (glue), it also operates Urea Formaldehyde Division continued to remain closed on account of prevailing adverse conditions. Company’s present business operations comprise of letting out part of its premises to third parties for purpose of storage and the conduct of their commercial operations.

The total number of shares the company has introduced are 6,000,000. The Earnings per share is (0.15) in 2019 which was (0.03) in 2018. The Company had a loss of 907,000 in 2019 compare to 181,000 in 2018.